The inspiration for this wickedly cute teddy bear costume came from wanting to do something outside of the normal, but somewhat similar for my age. So, mixing something wicked and scary on one side with something seductive and pretty on the other seemed like a plan!

I searched youtube for different makeup tutorials for Halloween makeup and found this one. Its very simple and easy and turns out GREAT.

Items You Need to Recreate the Look

  • An old teddy bear
  • Some black makeup
  • Makeup sponges (for the teeth)
  • Fake blood
  • A red ribbon (for the bow)
  • Some latex glue type stuff

Instructions for Making This Wickedly Cute Teddy Bear Costume

  • Cut half the bears face off making the eyes hollow and the mouths a little wider.
  • Paint the black makeup around your eyes and mouth on one side where the face is cut out at.
  • From there take the makeup sponges out and cut them into fangs (doesn’t matter what size just go with whatever you feel looks good for you) and glue them on the mask.
  • Once the mask is set and your face prepped, place the latex glue on your face and the mask to secure the hold to your face.
  • Place Vaseline over your eyebrows to ensure you don’t wax them off.
  • Once you have the mask set and the glue has dried, proceed with the fake blood, however you want.

This is a very easy costume to make. For the rest of it you can dress however you feel is appropriate. I chose a seductive almost Latina theme, but this is something you could throw on with a old cheerleaders costume and call yourself a mascot, or even a circus clown. This costume leaves alot for you to use your imagination on.

Hope y’all enjoy!!