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Coolest Homemade Funky Spider Woman Witch Costume

My witch costume had to appeal both to adults and children since I was wearing it to model in a Symphony Guild Witches Luncheon Show at a village known for its witch costumes and for a friend’s granddaughter’s elementary school Halloween party. I have never had so much fun as I have had this year with my homemade funky spider woman witch costume. I even went shopping around town in the outfit the day before Halloween and it created quite the attention!!

Once I started with the spider concept, the fun creative ideas just kept flowing!! And many of the items I put together came from my home or from the dollar store!!

I based the idea of Funky Spider Woman Witch on a sorceress, black full length gown with white cobwebs accented with red spiders on the bodice. I attached a black lace spider tablecloth to a red cape to accent the red and bring out the intricate spider and web motif.

The accessories made the outfit:

The witch hat was stuffed with netting to keep it upright and enhanced with feathers from my torn- apart ostrich feather duster. I added a quirky rubber witch, cotton cobwebs, red drapery fringe and a huge spider.

I glued red and black lacquered fingernails to a pair of long black gloves, added a sparkling silver jeweled spider bracelet attached to twisted red beads on my arm. I also used a large watch face, added it to a metal spider ornament, enhanced it with red glitter glue and tied it on my wrist with Spider motif ribbon.

My fingers had multiple plastic spiders on them. I made ruby red and black earrings and a big ruby red pendant on a black tie neckband. My black glasses held on my witch nose.

Red high top sneakers with black laces looped around the bodies of rubber spiders with multiple wiggle legs, all enhanced with red glitter glue which gave life-like movements at my toes. Black fishnets layered over red tights completed the legs, and I slit the gown high up one leg to be able to show the spider feet.

I took an inflatable spider and dressed her in a red vinyl pet cape, with her name EEK! written on it with silver ink, using stencils. I used sticky Velcro patches to attach the cape to the spider. A black and red pet collar and leash completed the look.

Both kids and adults loved the fun look and the idea of a witch walking a pet spider in high top sneakers.

While I was walking the pet spider in the outdoor village, allowing the kids to pet EEK!, a little girl STOMPED on my spider… when I looked at her mom, she told me that is what he daughter does to spiders at home. EEK! needed tender loving care at home (patched up by my husband!!) and was able to continue on her Halloween outings!!

I have also attached below my Fashion Show Description, read as I flitted around the luncheon with EEK!!!

I received so many comments and compliments on my outfit that I gave my complete costume to my niece and EEK! went to a friend’s granddaughter! Next year I will be making a new Witch costume and can’t wait to get started on it!! Let the creative juices begin!!!!

Funky Spider Woman Witch

A siren-red flowing cape, featuring a stand-up collar, has an attached black spider web overlay for those chilly days and is flung over a full-length black velvet sorceress gown. The dress features drop sleeves and a front slit and is adorned with white cobwebs and red spiders.

Note the red high-top shoes adorned with, of course, spiders. The outfit is complimented by the spicy red hosiery accented by the black spider web fish nets with zesty silver seams.

Black gloves are highlighted with witchy red nails with black lacquer accents. A sparkling silver spider bracelet is adorned with a rich red ruby. Red beaded bracelets wind up one arm. Her ‘witch watch’ is a spider with white and black web ribbons.

A shaped black witch chapeau is embellished with silky cobwebby strands, feathery plumes, and a gargantuan silver- encrusted scorpion. A tempting witch is perched on the brim of the hat. A slouchy bag carries those essentials.

With her is ‘EEK’ the Super Spider, a perfect pet, who is resplendent in her coordinated red and black leash, collar and cape, and is ready for her afternoon walk.

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