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Transforming a Five-Year-Old into Edward Scissorhands: A DIY Costume

Our family is a year-round fan of Tim Burton’s movies, so when my five-year-old expressed his desire to be Edward Scissorhands for Halloween, I was initially unsure how to pull it off. However, we managed to create a fitting and impressive costume using readily available materials, proving that a DIY approach can be just as effective as store-bought options.

Crafting the Scissorhands

The most challenging aspect of the costume was undoubtedly the scissor hands. After carefully considering various options, we decided to wrap silver duct tape around the long, flat parts of plastic spoons or popsicle sticks. This method proved to be more practical than cutting out cardboard pieces and spray painting them.

Next, we securely hot glued the “blades” to the top of a pair of kid’s leather rocker gloves with finger cutouts. These gloves were purchased online from Shein, a well-known website for affordable clothing. We also added a few chokers to complete the Edward Scissorhands look.

Bringing Edward to Life

For the chest piece, we repurposed a pair of cheap leather costume pants I had lying around. The white button-up shirt, gray/black pants, black boots, and black suspenders were already part of my son’s wardrobe.

To enhance the character’s appearance, I utilized foundation and white eyeliner to create facial scars and black eyeshadow to accentuate the dark areas of his face.

Affordable and Effective

Many online costumes lacked the unique touch I desired and were significantly more expensive. Additionally, they often included a full wig to replicate Johnny Depp’s hairstyle in the film. However, my son has naturally thick hair, so we used plenty of hair gel and hairspray to create a wild, untamed look that lasted throughout the day.

Halloween Thrills and Recognition

The funniest moment was watching my son struggle to pick up candy from unattended bowls due to his scissor hands. The reactions to his costume were phenomenal. Teenagers and adults alike expressed their admiration, and surprisingly, some kids immediately recognized the character.

We also participated in the Halloween activities at our local skate shop, where my son proudly showcased his costume and emerged victorious in their costume contest.

A DIY Success

This DIY Edward Scissorhands costume proved that with a bit of creativity and resourcefulness, you can create an impressive and memorable Halloween costume for your child without breaking the bank. The experience demonstrated the power of DIY crafting and the joy of bringing a beloved movie character to life.

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