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Tiny Miley Costume

My daughter always wears two pig tails and I wanted to work with that, or do something that worked with her short hair. This was one of the first things that came to me. So, I went to a craft store and got her a plain grey onsie, and several colors of felt. (You will need pink, red, white, black, and white.) The small square sheets will work fine, and you only need one of each.)

After carefully studying Mileys real costume, I free hand cut out the pieces needed out of the felt and simply used hot glue to glue the pieces all together. I also had to get her a pair of plain white shoes, which I got at a local children’s consignment store. As a single mom, spending even $20 on a costume from Walmart would be more than I could afford, so this was a great way to not break the bank. I had a 40% coupon for the onsie – It was like $2.50. The sheets of felt- 23 cents each. The shoes $5. So I made an amazing costume with no sewing for under $10 – SCORE! The outfit together was hilarious, and adorable, but even better when I started playing Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke and she started “twerking” (holding onto a stool and bouncing up and down!) I have always been a more DIY-costume type girl, because they are ”cheaper” and because they are more original. I even love the gasps! The “oh my goodness, you let the baby dress like MILEY?” (yep, sure did and she looked dang cute!) Even though she is only one, some of her silly movements were fitting (she threw up the #1 hand gesture) which was great because I forgot to get her a foam finger. I can bet my kiddo had the most unique costume in the neighborhood.  I hope it inspires many other bold mommies on a budget! :)

Tiny Miley Costume

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