My two year old daughter is a feisty little red head. I wanted to capture that adorable spirit in her Halloween costume this year. So, I researched “famous red heads.” When I saw, “Ginger Spice” on the list – I knew that was the perfect costume! I tried to find the costume online to no avail. Apparently, most moms don’t want their toddler girls in a Union Jack onesie! So, I made it myself!

I shared a few pictures of her this week and the reaction has been fantastic. She posed so cute for the photos – the microphone sealed the deal. Her brother is dressing as a Knight in Shining Armor, the perfect “guard” for his baby sister as she heads out to trick or treat among her throngs of fans.

This little girl definitely spices up our life. I hope the costume makes you smile.


Start with a simple onesie – I used an old one we had lying around. Definitely affordable.


Then, add wide navy and red ribbons in the Union Jack formation. I used an iron-on adhesive to attach these and topped off the edges with Liquid Stitch (glue).


The original Ginger Spice does not have this on her costume – but I added it for a bit more modesty/less sexy for my toddler. I used about a quarter yard and simply stitched it to the bottom of the middle strip on the flag.

DIY Spice Girl Shoes

This was the hard part. I took a pair of shoes my daughter was about to grow out of. Then, I got glittery foam paper ($1/sheet at Hobby Lobby). I used two sheets total. I simply traced out the shoe and super glued the foam paper to the top. Then, I used a second piece and super glued a small portion to the back heel. I used a hole punch to create the lace holes and then secured them in place with extra ribbon.

These are not very sturdy. I do not anticipate getting much use out of them beyond Halloween, but they do complete the look.


We’re accessorizing this costume with tights and a microphone. No Spice Girl can perform her hit song, “Wannabe” without a mic – so we borrowed one from our karaoke machine to complete the look. Obviously, this performer is a fan of this accessory.

Perfect Pairing

Finally, every pop star needs a bodyguard. In this case, our mini Ginger Spice will be safe alongside her big brother, her Knight in Shining Armor.