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Coolest Homemade Spice Girls Group Costume

My friends and I try to come up with a cool costume idea for our group each year. We decided on a Spice Girls Group Costume because it was so convenient for the 5 of us and each character matched our personalities so well!

First, we all got head phones, making it more obvious that we were singers if we separated throughout the night. Second, we made sure we stayed in character and spoke with British accents all night.

Baby Spice- She was easy, being that she was already a blonde we threw her hair in pig tails with pink scrunchies. Then got a pink baby doll dress and a shimmery shrug to throw over it. She then got high white boots, sold in any Halloween store.

Sporty Spice- Sweat pants, a sport tank top and some cool sneakers. Then she added in tattoos on her arms to complete the look.

Scary Spice- She is already very tan with huge hair which worked out great. We took her hair and wrapped them into two buns on the top of her head with gold ribbon and found everything leopard we could find. Completed the look with famous big black boots.

Ginger Spice – Wore the famous British flag dress along with a faux fur shrug, again along with the famous large boots they wore. She then sprayed her hair orange with a can of hair paint. (looks kind of pink in the picture for some reason)

Posh Spice – She is simple, so was the costume. A short black wig, a little black dress and tie up stilettos easily completed this costume.

That was all and we were the hit of the night! Everyone loved it!

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  1. hey, ya i really want to do this with my friends, so i would be ginger, since i am the only redhead in the group, so i was wondering where do you get the british flag dress??

  2. I’m trying to be scary spice this year and i looked everywhere online but i cannot find leopard pants or a shirt like that, could you please let me know where you bought those two items??


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