I have enjoyed sewing costumes for my 7 kids for the last 19 years and LOVE themes. A big year for 6 year old girl twins & 8 year old brother – for scoring lots of candy now that they have endurance! Living in Minnesota requires warmer costumes so we headed to the store for a big fleece sale, and some agreement to ‘cats’ for a theme. After scouring the choice we picked tiger and jaguar prints, and a dinosaur pattern for our body suits – no problem!  Finally we were done, with just a little time left to make a dress for Arwen – ummm.. she didn’t help the theme a bit. However, the baby wore the black cat costume I made 19 years ago for my first baby! They got loads of compliments and candy – as the cats ran door to door, saying ‘Trick or Treat’ and Thank YOU!