The Odds are in Effie Trinkets Favor

I created this Effie Trinket outfit with a bit of time to plan (2 months). I first had to decide which outfit to wear. I ended up going with the first Effie outfit from the first Reaping scene as it was the color I was finding easiest. I then tracked down a pencil skirt and a blazer for the main pieces – both in a burgundy color. I also found a stretchy lilac color shirt to use as her blouse.

The puffy sleeves were the most difficult. I searched the thrift stores until I found a bubble prom dress in the right color. I then ripped the dress at the waist and keep the bubble portion. The bubble portion was then cut in half and the lining was partially sewn to the outside. Then the tricky part was pinning the partial bubble sleeves to the blazer and stuffing the section between the lining and outer shell with plastic grocery bags. These were essential to get the poof factor.

Once the sleeves were temporarily attached with the right amount of stuffing they were taken off the blazer – fully sewn together and then lightly stitched onto the blazer – I wanted the ability to remove them to wear the blazer as normal. I located some platform wedges – very high as Effie likes her heels – but I needed wedges to be able to walk.

The make-up was easier than expected. I bought some white face paint and blended it with foundation so I would get a pale look but not clown color. I then used hot pink eye shadow for my eyes. I bought the butterfly eyelash papers to finish off the eye look. For the lips I used a bubble gum pink lip pencil and colored in the heart outline and then topped it off with some purple. It gave just the right hue.

Accessories – I used a curly blonde wig. I bought a large burgundy flower from Michaels – cut off the stem and tape the stub to a barrette. I affixed the barrette in the wig. For the neck piece – I use partial flowers and a feather clip and attached it to a black ribbon which I added Velcro to keep it attached. I tracked down some costume jewelry that I had – pinks and purples to match the outfit.

Props – Small fish bowl with pieces of cut up paper with names on them and tapes with black electrical tape.

The last bit was attitude – I went around welcoming people and telling them off for not being punctual or polite. I got tons of great responses. A bunch of people wanted to have pics with me.

As a bonus – I won first place in my works individual costume contest. It was loads of fun except walking in 5 inch heels.

The Odds are in Effie Trinkets Favor