Last Minute Effie Trinket Costume

Halloween is my jam, but this year I was feeling under the weather so I thought I would skip out on Halloween. I was wrong! Halloween is still my jam, and I decided that the night before Halloween. Usually I take a whole month to prepare my costume. I decided to run with an Effie Trinket costume as I love Hunger Games!

I went to Goodwill and grabbed an orange Zara dress for $10- Effie is stylish after all. I also got my fiance a red shirt and a black t shirt to make a Seneca Crane costume (against his will as he really wanted to be Pat from Silver Linings Playbook). I then went to Ricky’s to buy a blonde wig and grabbed one for $12. Now I knew why I never waited last minute for Halloween costumes- the line at Ricky’s was huge! It was quite amusing for people to groan over and over “this is the line?”

I went home and Photoshopped a bunch of butterflies together. Then I printed out the butterflies onto a giant sticker label, cut it into a pretty shape and stuck them onto the dress.

I printed out a bunch of single butterflies on card-stock, cut them out and hot glued them onto the dress and the collar.  I also printed out larger ones for my hair pieces. My butterflies were fluttering out on the streets of NYC over my head as the wind blew on Halloween.

As for the make up, I brushed white eyeshadow all over my face and had these wonderful crazy paper eyelashes lying around my place already (I happen to buy and hoard random unnecessary fun dress up items). Good thing I had those! They were perfect for my costume. After my makeup was done, I threw on the wig cap and looked more like a drag queen than Effie Trinket, but once the hair and dress was on- well, it was quite perfect and exciting.

As for my fiance, he shaved his beard in all the right places and I filled out what was needed with makeup. Seneca Crane was the easiest costume ever!

We got so many compliments throughout the night and I loved it. A girl said she battled her way across the room just to tell me so.  My friend, who didn’t’ see Hunger games, thought I was a migration of butterflies, which was a very beautiful thoughtful guess.

May the odds be ever in my favor for this contest! Thanks.

Last Minute Effie Trinket Costume

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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