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Cute Effie Trinket Costume from Hunger Games

Halloween is our favorite day of the year. We start thinking of costume ideas the day after Halloween. Every year we make it a surprise to everyone, it’s a top secret operation. Operation epic costume! This year was especially challenging because I literally waited until two weeks before Halloween to complete due to the fact I was recovering from a brutal hysterectomy. I then realized that the Effie Trinket costume was going to be a lot more difficult then I expected, to say the least.

After a lot of trial and error with the jacket to her costume and sleepless nights stressing over it, my boss let me borrow a sewing machine. Two days before Halloween I learned how to sew. Not only did I just learn to sew, I learned how to sew on a very ancient sewing machine. My boss left for vacation so I was left to figure it out. I pinned and unpinned over and over until my daughter began to resent the darn costume. I finally got on a roll and refused to stop! I did not use a pattern; I just eye-balled it, lol! The puffy sleeves were the most challenging. I just could not figure how to get them the way I needed them. It sounds simple I know, but it was a challenge. I finally decided the night before to leave it alone because I do my best work under pressure and pressed for time (yes,  am adhd and so is my child, lol). Halloween morning is like Christmas morning for me. I couldn’t sleep stressing about THOSE SLEEVES! Well, after a lot of struggle, the costume came together perfectly, if you don’t count the close-up on some of the stitch work that looks like I was drunk-driving (stitching). I have never gotten so many likes and comments on anything on Facebook like I did with her costume. Everyone at school was raving about my daughter and her costume. They even played the Hunger Games song at lunch and everyone did the Hunger Games salute to her, lol. She was the only one in the school who dressed up as anything Hunger Games. Last year’s costume was amazing also and very detail oriented and extravagant, but not as big a challenge for me like this year’s with my new found sewing skills, lol! Last year she made it into the local paper for best costume as a peacock princess. I’m so sad to retire this Effie Trinket costume, but excited for next Halloween challenge.

Cute Effie Trinket Costume from Hunger Games

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