At dinner I asked my 8 year old son what he wanted to be for Halloween. He thought for a moment and then said that he wanted to be something scary. So I prepared myself for a zombie, something bloody, or something just plain gross. But then something just awesome happened. “Mom, I want to be something terrifying, I want to be homework!” You got it buddy! So we set to work on the most terrifying costume for an 8 year old ever – homework!.

As far as a costume it was really easy. We used some dowels as supports and covered the frame with felt. He decided it should be a math test and that he wanted drops of blood all around. Yep, he is 8, there had to be blood somewhere in it. He helped me pick out the problems and we practiced some scary looking ways to paint on the felt. Thankfully felt kind of lends itself to faded writing.

I think the most fun is the word problem on the back. Personally, I can’t stand word problems. And most of them seem to begin with trains; well at least they did when I was little. Now, they probably start off with “If a Facebook user….” I think Q gets the most joy from asking everyone he sees to try and figure out the back! No matter what answer, they give the looks at me to see if it is right. My answer is always “Sure! That sounds good to me!” Hmm, maybe that is why I never did well with word problems.

We went and did some early trick or treating at a local evening and to see other kids point and run telling Q he was too scary to look at was priceless. I am just thankful I have at least another year before he decides to be a gross costume with body parts falling off.