Original Roadkill Cleanup Guy Homemade Costume

My son Tyler wanted to be gross but not too gross.  He wanted to be funny too.  So we came up with the Roadkill Cleanup Guy, the poor guy whose job it is to clean up the dead animals on the side of the road.  We bought a vest at WalMart and used an old t-shirt and I painted my tire and ran over it.

I bought dog toys at Dollar Store and we added blood and x’ed out their eyes.  I attached the animals with Velcro from the craft store.  I added a sign on his back that read, ‘Roadkill Cleaner’.  He used a kid shovel and added a trash bag as his treat bag.  We added blood to his outfit and voila, roadkill cleanup man was born!  It was creative, funny and a little gross.  He loved it.  This is an inexpensive costume too.  The total cost was under $20!