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Coolest Homework Costume

My son decided last year that he wanted a Homemade Homework Costume. We were unable to find any other homework costumes online so we had to go totally original. Which at first was really difficult but we decided to create a notebook with a pencil. We used a cardboard box and covered it with brown shipping paper then we put blue poster board on the front and decorated it with bright colored items that included felt letters, stickers, and flash cards. We put white felt on the side and top. We added the spiral to the side to hold the pencil. The pencil was designed after one he had in his school bag and included pink foam created eraser. The back of the box was decorated with the funniest Homework Excuses we could find. His favorite excuses were “ I made it into a plane and it was hijacked.” And “my sister ate it.”

Homemade Homework Costume

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