My son wanted to be the tenth doctor from Doctor Who. I looked online at custom made costumes and they weren’t at all in my budget.

I bought the blue pinstriped suit at a thrift store for $3.00. I cut it down to fit him. I also bought the overcoat at a thrift store and cut it down to fit him also. I bought the tie at the salvation army. I bought the dress shirt at Walmart on clearance for $2.00. I bought the glasses at the Dollar Tree for $1.00. He also had a wallet with psychic paper that he already owned, a pair of 3D glasses bought on Ebay for less than $2, a pocket watch he borrowed from my husband, and a sonic screwdriver I bought on Ebay for less than $10.

I purchased the shoes at Walmart for around $13.00. The funniest part of this costume was when he went to a costume contest and was greeted by someone dressed at the twelfth doctor! I made the tardis Halloween bag from a saltine cracker box, blue and black felt, white duck tape, tacky glue, and self adhesive letters. My son loved it!