This Halloween my boyfriend and I dressed in Doctor Who couple costumes depicting the 10th and 11th doctors.

Watching Doctor Who has always been a tradition in our relationship and both my boyfriend and I are complete Whovians. I was dressed as the 11th Doctor because bow ties are cool and my boyfriend chose the 10th Doctor because of his great trench coat thrift store find! (Learning how to tie a bow tie is as hard as men make it out to be, ladies.)

Most of our clothing was lucky thrift store finds. We each needed particular pieces like a trench coat, vest, and of course a Tardis blue bow tie. In total we spent about $20 to find pieces for our costumes at thrift stores and I tailored the clothing to fit. The other pieces such as our shirts were clothing that we already owned.

We created handmade sonic screwdrivers out of clay and wooden dowels. By using wooded dowels and oven bake clay (we bought blue, black, grey, white, and tan) we wrapped the dowels in different colors creating different designs. We then baked our screw drivers on the oven at 250 for 30 minuets. Making our sonic screwdrivers was by far the best part of our costume making experience! We each personalized our screwdrivers to match our own Gallifrey ideas. We added glitter, paint, and  copper wire to add to the space look, and for our sonic blubs we used glass beads. In total, our home made sonic screwdrivers cost about $10 in supplies from the craft store. Not a bad deal! In total our costumes cost us only $30, and if I say so, look amazing! 

Our costumes were met with lots of praise from our friends during our Halloween festivities. Most impressive to people were the sonic screwdrivers. Being a 22 year old girl I did Facebook and Instagram many photos and was met with a wonderful amount of comments and “likes”. Millinials like their social media!

The real question is which of us is the REAL Doctor? ;) I hope you enjoy our timey wimey looks!