Coolest Haunted Portrait Costume

Homemade Haunted Portrait Costume

I’m not really sure how the idea hit me for this Haunted Portrait Costume, I think it was a combination of ideas and thoughts that came together. I knew I wanted something different, something that would stand out. But also I wanted something interesting, something that would move or pop-up. So I started to plan … Read more

Coolest DIY Oscar the Grouch Halloween Costume

DIY Oscar the Grouch Halloween Costume

Oscar the Grouch has been one of my favorite all time characters. I saw a lot of Oscar costumes, but I wanted the focus to mostly be on the puppet (or muppet depending on how you see it). I like to go to a lot of parties on Halloween, and for some reason, the idea … Read more

Coolest Fish Tank Costume

Homemade Fish Tank Costume

One fish. Two Fish. Red Fish. Blue Fish. I have wanted to be an aquarium for quite some time not and I finally made one! Materials: -Big Box -Blue transparent material (cellophane) – Paper fish -Fishing line -Snorkel -Goggles -Flippers First, I had to find an appropriate box. I looked all around and finally my … Read more

Coolest Homemade Werewolf Halloween Costume

Homemade Werewolf Halloween Costume

I’ve been wanting to create a homemade Werewolf Halloween costume for awhile, and after 6 years in the Army, I finally completed my term of service and had some down time to make it happen. I’m the same guy that made the “Gargoyle” and “Reptile-man” costumes, previously featured on this site. I learned a lot … Read more

Coolest Deadliest Catch aka Crab Man Costume

Homemade Deadliest Catch aka Crab Man Costume

I came up with this idea for a Homemade Deadliest Catch aka Crab Man Costume while eating Pringles. It was made using 100% recycled materials. The arms are made with 8 Pringle cans joined by 8 bungee cords and 4 tennis balls. I drilled a hole in the metal bottoms and indented the cans where … Read more

Coolest Homemade Scuba Diving Baby Costume

Homemade Scuba Diving Baby Costume

This Homemade Scuba Diving Baby Costume idea came to my hubby and I because we wanted an original costume for our son. We are both avid SCUBA divers and decided that why not start him young? We took a black long sleeve/pant onsie playsuit (black) and made the “wetsuit”. I went to Ross and found … Read more

Coolest Wheelchair Trike Costume

Coolest Wheelchair Trike Costume

This year William Joel had machine fabricating friends create the coolest 3-wheeler adaption to his small Quickie wheelchair. What started out to be a simple build, was to put the front end of a bicycle on William’s pediatric wheel-chair. As we all know, what usually happens in creating such a build is the desire to … Read more

Coolest Homemade Cuckoo Clock Halloween Costume

Homemade Cuckoo Clock Halloween Costume

When we asked my two-year-old son what he wanted to be for Halloween he responded with words we have heard often in recent months, “Cuckoo”. For the past year he has been obsessed with cuckoo clocks. It started when he watched The Sound of Music and fell in love with the song “So Long, Farewell” … Read more

Coolest Homemade Basketball Hoop Costume

Homemade Basketball Hoop Costume

Get Dunked On! Literally. Here is a little play by play of my basketball hoop costume this year: Materials I needed: Foam white board, Basketball Net, Name-Tag Clips, Head Band, black foam sheet, Orange tape, Orange Tights, Red tape, and Print out of a Shot clock. 1) Measure and cut arm holes. 2) Cut hole … Read more