Coolest Homemade Wilson Costume from Home Improvement

Well the idea is to be a Homemade Wilson Costume from Home Improvement. First I got a plaid shirt and fisherman’s hat. Second I took an old school bag and took the straps of. I then went to Micheals and got some fake wood. I then stuck the wood to the old backpack and wore it on my front.

7 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Wilson Costume from Home Improvement”

  1. Thanks for the idea, there are a few Wilson costumes that are pretty crappy. The size of this thing makes it funny. Regarding the wood Michael’s (a craft shop in US and Canada) sell this stuff its called “balsam wood”. People make doll houses out of this stuff.

    I was going to use real wood but realized at a packed club / party you could get a piece of wood to the face. Balsam wood is lightweight and pre sanded. Each piece I bought was either $6.49 or $8 Canadian. Probably cheaper in the US.

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