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Coolest Homemade Mr. Wilson and Heidi Couple Costume

What time is it? Tool Time!

Everybody loved our homemade Mr. Wilson and Heidi couple costume, and they were a hit! These costumes were very simple to make. For Mr. Wilson, I printed out a pattern of wood and just glued it to cardboard and cut it out. Then, I stapled a stick to it so it could be held up. And to wrap up the costume, a plaid shirt, slacks, and nice shoes were worn.

Next for Heidi, I purchased overall shorts. I wore construction boots, construction belt, and I pinned a paper to the front that said TOOL TIME. This costume was great for us since the other half doesn’t like to dress up. But surprisingly, he loved the costume so much that he stayed in character and never showed his mouth from behind the fence!

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