Coolest Homemade Bert and Ernie Halloween Costumes

Homemade Bert and Ernie Halloween Costumes

The theme is Cartoon charaters/ Kids shows. We couldn’t resist these two classics, but didn’t like any of the ones available online. Time to get creative and make our Homemade Bert and Ernie Halloween Costumes. My friend and I carved the heads from foam (the same foam in car seats). Wigs were glued on along … Read more

Cool Pee Wee Herman Halloween Costume

Pee Wee Herman Halloween Costume

My Pee Wee Herman Halloween costume made a big splash this year and it was easy too! I used an old gray suit that my Dad gave me a while ago that he doesn’t use anymore. If you don’t have a gray suit, Goodwill or any thrift store will have a lot of inexpensive suits. … Read more

Coolest Homemade Fraggle Rock Costumes

Homemade Fraggle Rock Costumes

For last year’s carnival we wanted costumes of two characters from children’s television serials. Finally we decided to make Gobo and Red (here in Spain she was Rosi) from Fraggle Rock. The upper part of the head is a cap covered with something similar to velvet. It’s usually used for carnival and Halloween costumes because … Read more

Coolest Homemade Elmo Tutu Dress Costume

Homemade Elmo Tutu Dress Costume

We recently took a trip to Sesame Place for vacation and using that as inspiration, I came up with several Sesame Street costumes. Here is the Coolest Elmo Tutu Dress Costume!!! After making a handmade tutu costume using 6-inch wide strips of red tulle tied onto elastic, I added felt shapes to form the shape … Read more

Coolest DIY Animal Halloween Costume

Homemade DIY Animal Halloween Costume

This year for Halloween my friends and I all agreed we should dress up as Jim Henson characters. Animal is definitely the coolest one (in my opinion) so he was the obvious choice. To make his head I took a baseball cap and felt and stuffed the hat to bulk it up. The eyes and … Read more

Coolest Banana in Pyjamas Costume

Homemade Banana in Pyjamas Costume

Being from Australia, we don’t really celebrate Halloween. This Banana in Pyjamas Costume was actually made by me for carnival in Holland, but now I’m living in Canada and I can’t wait for my first real Halloween! I wanted an original and Australian costume, and I was lucky enough to find the banana hat at … Read more

Coolest Kermit and Miss Piggy Couple Costume

Homemade Kermit and Miss Piggy Couple Costume

For people that cant get into the Halloween costume spirit I always say the same thing-Halloween is a time to think about who you are, all your characteristics and find a character that exists in this world who truly embodies you. My partner and I decided to go as Kermit and Piggy for Halloween considering … Read more

Coolest Gonzo the Muppet Baby Costume

Coolest Gonzo the Muppet Baby Costume

Based solely on the mental image of one of my masculine, tall male friends dressed as Miss Piggy, I urged my friends to join me in dressing up as various characters from the Muppet Show. Everyone agreed, but one of them only under the condition that we were characters from the spin-off of the Muppet … Read more