Coolest Fraggle Costume

I decided to make a Fraggle costume because I found one to order online and it was over $100! No way was I paying that much money!

Basically I got yellow tights, orange shorts, red turtleneck and orange gloves all from Goodwill. Then I bought a red baseball hat and covered the front with this roll of yellow foam I found at the Dollar Store to make the top of the mouth. I got a yellow foam visor for a dollar and turned it upside down for the bottom of the mouth.

Then I got 2 styrofoam balls and hot glued them to the top of the hat. I got ‘googly eyes’ and glued them on for the eyeballs. I bought a red feather boa and cut the very end off to use for the tail. I found this orange bendy, funny rope and attached the feathers to that for the tail. Then I pinned the boa to the top of the eyes and also glued it to the hat for her pigtails! All together I think I spent $23 AND found $15 in the pocket of the Goodwill shorts!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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