Coolest Homemade Fraggle Rock Costume

This Homemade Fraggle Rock Costume was easier than it looks to make. I took a baseball cap and covered it in yellow felt. I used a yellow foam visor for the bottom of the mouth. I took some yellow felt and wrapped it around my entire head and tucked it into my turtle neck I then pinned to styrofoam balls to the top of the baseball cap. I hot glued black felt for the eye balls. I then took a red boa and pinned it to the side of the eyeballs for the hair. For the tail I bought some wide rope from hobby lobby and covered with more yellow felt. I then took a chunk of the boa and pinned it to the bottom.

The yellow gloves I traced my hand and then was able to sew two pieces of yellow felt together. Then it is simply getting a red turtleneck, yellow sweatpants, and orange shorts. I also had a pair of yellow crocs for shoes. I got all the clothing at goodwill and made this for less than 30 dollars!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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