Coolest Homemade Fraggle Rock Costumes

For last year’s carnival we wanted costumes of two characters from children’s television serials. Finally we decided to make Gobo and Red (here in Spain she was Rosi) from Fraggle Rock.

The upper part of the head is a cap covered with something similar to velvet. It’s usually used for carnival and Halloween costumes because it’s cheaper than velvet. We sewed a wire to the cap, to both sides of the cap and we used it like support of the lower part of the mouth. Then we used ping-pong balls with a black point that we painted for the eyes. And a feather boa for head’s and tail’s hair.

We made trousers in two parts. The upper one was made with long’s hair’s fabric, like shorts. And then we made legs with the same fabric that we used for our heads. After all we sewed to it a long tail with the feather boa on the end.

Gobo dressed a khaki fisherman’s vest and a yellow jersey, and Red had a red jersey, but we found all at home. We were very proud of our Homemade Fraggle Rock Costumes.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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