Coolest Beeker Homemade Halloween Costume

As a child I loved Beaker from the Muppets. I took a heavy piece of poster board and made the tube. Applied tan foam sheets, a layer of batting, ivory colored fleece. Cut out the mouth and used black mesh and left open at bottom to be able to use a tube (straw) to drink from. Red fleece for tongue and nose. Styrofoam for eyes.

The hair I purchased a scarf from Hobby Lobby and glued it on a $1 store clear bowl. Hot glued everything! The collar I just cut a piece of cardboard around it and placed the extra fabric underneath for the shirt. Made the tie from a black piece of scrap material. I purchased a plastic beaker from Party On and put green jello and green glow sticks inside – also added dry ice to give that extra effect.

To finish off the outfit I purchased clown shoes and a lab coat from eBay – much cheaper than costume shops. Also put a hand held fan on the inside – it was getting hot in there.

Beeker Homemade Halloween Costume

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