Cool Oscar the Grouch Costume

Broke my leg and had a lot of time on my hands. Building this Homemade Oscar the Grouch Costume was my hobby for the better part of a month. I’ve seen other Oscar costumes with Oscar’s feet poking out the bottom of the trash can. Everyone knows that Oscar can’t move his own garbage can. He needs a garbage man to move him. So… I found a waist up mannequin, named him Lou, painted his face, dressed him, and fastened him to the back of a trash can. I cut a hole in the side/bottom of the trash can so that I could stand inside the garbage can and wear the bottom half of Lou’s overalls. Finally I made my Oscar outfit.

Surprisingly this costume was not that uncomfortable. If I leaned forward on the rim of the garbage the weight balanced itself out. Leaning forward slightly, as I’m doing in the picture looked the most realistic but standing straight up didn’t look that bad either. It made Lou look like he was struggling to carry a heavy load. It was a little warm at times but I lasted most of the night and was even able to dance in it. Don’t believe me? I have a video.

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  1. I was able to drink no problem, although there might have been some green fur in my beer. I actually installed a cup holder on the inside of the garbage can.


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