Coolest DIY Beaker Halloween Costume

This year my friends and I decided to do a Muppet theme and my friend decided to be Beaker since he has always been her favorite. She asked me to help so we rolled up out sleeves on Saturday and got busy!

To make his head we bought a sheet of foam and hot glued felt all over it. Next I used an exacto knife and cut out his mouth and used red foam for his tongue. His eyes are made of two Styrofoam balls covered with foam and his nose is a Styrofoam cone with some stuffing and also covered with felt.

I sewed the back shut into a cylinder, and cut a circular piece of foam to cap his head. For his hair I used a couple orange feather boas. The rest is a lab coat our Doctor friend let her borrow and a shirt and tie.

People didn’t stop asking for pictures of our DIY Beaker Halloween Costume the entire night!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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