Coolest Homemade Voltron: Defender of the Universe Halloween Costume

Homemade Voltron: Defender of the Universe Halloween Costume

This homemade Voltron: Defender of the Universe Halloween costume was truly a labour of love. Love for Halloween & love for the baddest Defender of the Universe… VOLTRON! This design was primarily constructed out of cardboard (lots of it!) taking trips to local grocery stores and asking them for cardboard that was going straight to … Read more

Coolest Bellossom from Pokemon Costume

Homemade Bellossom from Pokemon Costume

My kids always come up with the craziest costume ideas, and I CANNOT SEW! This Bellossom from Pokemon costume proved to be quite easy. I made the tutu and hairbands myself, and added them to a green leotard and green tights. If you compare to a Bellossom Pokemon card, you will agree that the costume … Read more

Coolest Homemade Go Mifune Speed Racer Costume

Coolest Homemade Go Mifune Speed Racer Costume

This is my story: I was invited to a costume party, with a cartoon based scheme. They invited me on Thursday, and the party was on Saturday night. So, Friday and I was searching pics on the net till I found the Speed Racer pictures. I must go in a Homemade Go Mifune Speed Racer … Read more

Cool Pikachu Costume

Homemade Pikachu Costume

This Pikachu Costume was made from a one-piece yellow swimsuit and a yellow headband. I sewed on brown stripes to the swimsuit. I then sewed and stuffed my own tail and safety pinned it to the inside of the shorts. Then I sewed and stuffed the ears and sewed them to the head band. Added … Read more

Coolest Totoro Costume

Homemade Totoro Costume

I had to make a Totoro costume for a school play and it needed to be big. I used about 25 pool noodles, attached them together to form circles of different sizes and then threaded wire between the different layers making sure to leave some space for arm holes. Next using hot glue, I draped … Read more

Coolest Pokemon Group Costume

Homemade Pokemon Group Costume

My boys all wanted Pokemon costumes this year and because of the total lack of Store bought Pokemon costumes I was persuaded ever so nicely to make them a Pokemon Group Costume. Ash was the easiest. One trip to the local thrift shop and I had everything I needed for him minus the small details. … Read more

Coolest Goku Costume

Homemade Goku Costume

My son wanted to be Goku from Dragon Ball Z. I looked everywhere for this Goku guy, and no luck. Online I found some that looked pretty lame, and for more than I was willing to pay. So I said what the heck, why not try to make my own Homemade Goku Costume. HAIR: The … Read more

Coolest Jessie from Pokemon Team Rocket Costume

Homemade Jessie from Pokemon Team Rocket Costume

Prepared for Trouble, that’s what I did… And made it double, having fun with the kids. Halloween 2006 and time to trick or treat; A Jessie from Pokemon Team Rocket costume idea that was really neat! Dressed up for laughs as a villainous lass, Just there for All Hallows Eve and having some laughs. I … Read more

Coolest Foam Voltron Costume

Coolest Foam Voltron Costume

So, everyone has a certain toy that they loved growing up and mine, like so many others was Voltron. I still have one of my original die-cast lions, and about 2 months ago, my 5 and 7 y.o. boys were asking me what it was. I explained to them that it was like the power … Read more

Coolest Homemade James From Team Rocket Costume

Homemade James From Team Rocket Costume

On a dare from my nephew, I dressed as James from Team Rocket for a Pokemon Trading Card Game event and Halloween in the year 2000. So, I cropped an old turtleneck shirt that I bought at a Salvation Army store, sewed a felt “R” in red on the front, got a white pair of … Read more

Coolest Homemade Digimon Costume Idea for Halloween

Coolest Homemade Digimon Costume Ideas and Photos

My son wanted a Digimon costume. He wanted to dress up as Metalgreymon for Halloween parade in school. However I can not find any Metalgreymon costume. There is no pattern available either. So I decide to make him one myself for the first time. I first made the head structure with cardboard then I patched … Read more

Coolest Homemade Pikachu and Ash Couple Halloween Costume Ideas

Homemade Pikachu and Ash Couple Halloween Costume Ideas

PIKACHU COSTUME: For Pikachu’s costume, I purchased a simple yellow tube dress on clearance and altered it to the correct size/length. I purchased the yellow leg warmers on ebay. For Pikachu’s ears, I used rabbit ears leftover from Easter – I stripped the fabric off the ears and re-covered them with yellow and black felt. … Read more