Coolest Homemade Lucario Costume

My Dad helped me make the coolest costume ever, a Pokemon costume. Which one, you ask? A big, bad, blue Lucario, of course!

To make this costume, we basically copied the instructions from Riva F.’s costume on this site, with a few exceptions. Instead of putting 1/2 inch thick foam inside the tail, we put pillow stuffing inside it so we could have a 3-d tail instead of a 2-d tail.

Second, we didn’t put in the thighs because we thought they looked weird. Third, we didn’t add gray accents to the cones because we thought that looked weird too.

Our biggest challenge was that we didn’t know where she put eye holes, so we cut eye holes on the bottom of the neck.

It was a lot of work to make it, but it turned out so cool in the end! I would never have done it without him!

Extra thanks to Riva F. who inspired us all!