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Coolest 65+ Homemade Pokemon Costumes

If you ever ran into the street trying to capture a Pokemon Go character, you will love this collection of homemade Pokemon costumes. Bring the anime characters to life with these DIY costumes. From insanely detailed to extremely simple, you will find the coolest homemade costumes here.

Be instantly recognizable as the extremely popular Pikachu. People here have cleverly designed simple, yellow DIY costumes which effectively convey this cute Pokemon character.

Also, have the best time dressing up as a character with the coolest names ever. Charmander, Dialga, Haunter, Gyarados and Bellossom just roll off your tongue. And they are all featured here! Discover how people have created homemade costumes in their likeness.

In addition, make the cutest couple costume as Ash and Pikachu. Check out the adorable DIY costumes here if you’re looking to dress up as a duo.

So, browse through this collection of homemade Pokemon costumes in order to inspire your DIY costume for Halloween.


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