Coolest Homemade Yugi from Yugioh Kids Halloween Costume Idea

The base of this homemade Yugi from Yugioh kids Halloween costume idea is a dark blue women’s pant suit from Goodwill. Darts were added to give the coat a tighter fit, and the sleeves and legs were trimmed to fit. Material from the pant legs was used with some Foamie and sewn to make the collar. The millennium puzzle necklace was made by downloading an image and gluing it to more foamie sheets.

The wig which is what really sets this costume apart as being Yugi was created from two wigs. The base wig is a punk rocker chick (red) and the second was a half purple, half yellow wig. I cut sections of the long yellow hair and sewed it to the front of the red wig. To get that iconic Yugi “crimp” in front I used Knox gelatin. I took the hair and bent it back and forth through layers of business cards (any heavy cardstock would do) and plastic baggies. The plastic baggies prevented the hair from sticking to the cards. I let it dry overnight. The initial spikes in the red wig were done with hairspray but then I added some Knox to them as well for durability.

Reference Pic. for Homemade Yugi from Yugioh Kids Halloween Costume Idea