This homemade Voltron: Defender of the Universe Halloween costume was truly a labour of love. Love for Halloween & love for the baddest Defender of the Universe… VOLTRON! This design was primarily constructed out of cardboard (lots of it!) taking trips to local grocery stores and asking them for cardboard that was going straight to the dump. Not this time! This was a 3 week project that consisted of a few things.

– Cardboard
– High Temperature Glue Gun
– Acrylic Paint & Gloss coat
– Tamiya Spray paint
– Modeling tape

last but not least… A lot of REDBULL!!!

I was pretty happy the way it turned out and would likely do future mods but for now, the main thing was to get him assembled. It takes 1 person to help me put on the suit. The sequence to put him together is first the legs, the feet, the body, the arms and lastly the mask accompanied by the Black Lion’s head.

All in all, it was an amazing Halloween experience and totally worth the sore body walking around the suit for 4hrs.