Voltron! Defender of the universe! Definitely one of my favorite childhood toys…. so this year I decided to go big and try my hand at building a costume and also doing an instructable on it.

First I’d like to give a couple shout outs, my girlfriend and our kids for putting up with my mess, madness and just plain craziness while I was attempting this. Love you guys soooooo much! They pushed me through this when I didn’t think it was possible or if I could do it in time. Thank you, couldn’t have done it with out you. Friends that pushed me through and came out to support me when I unveiled this thing at the contests. Incrxtc and dannyeurena for giving me the idea of building this and some great ideas and know how that goes with it. I learned a lot, and am very proud of how this whole thing turned out! I am already in works for my costume for next year.

I haven’t seen an instructions on this costume yet, so that’s partly why I picked it. I had actually started building sound wave as per Incrxtc, but wanted to push myself a little, and do something different. Form feet and legs. Form arms and body,  and I ‘ll form the head!

I am super stoked on how it turned out! I had a blast wearing it, all the kids loved it, everyone at the bars loved it….I’d definitely call it a win. I finished this with around 2 hours to spare before debuting it. I calculated about 150 hours total all in the span of around 3 weeks or so.

Another huge thanks to my family and friends for pushing me through to the end!! It was exhausting to say the least! Hope you enjoy it!  I’m already in the works for another epic costume for next year, I wont try to do it that fast this go around, that’s for sure!