Halloween is my favorite holiday! I love doing family costumes. We have been farmers with our kids as animals, we did a Star Wars theme, and we have done knights and a princess. Most years I pick the costumes for the boys because they are little and easily swayed. This year Q was 6 and I asked what he wanted to be. Voltron! Seriously? That is what he wants to be? I completely blame my husband for this choice. For the last couple of months he had been reliving his youth through cartoons on Netflix.

I figured no problem, Ebay here I come. Then I remembered what costumes looked like in the 1980′s. Plastic sheet like covers with plastic masks that had small air holes. So crap, now what? If you Google Voltron costume there is this guy in Japan who dresses his daughter up in the most amazing costumes and he had one of Voltron. I could try to make a ghetto version of his amazing creation. I figured I can scrapbook, and bake cakes why not add costume making to the mix!

Armed with boxes, craft foam, glue sticks, Velcro, and elastic I began. What have I gotten myself into? It is all consuming! But after several days, I turned 2 shoe boxes, 1 diaper box, 1 waffle box, several cereal boxes, countless glue sticks and a couple fruit snack boxes into an epic Halloween costume. Q loved it!

Epic as the costume looked; it was horrible for that boy to walk in! We took him trick or treating and it was miserable! He was such a trooper and he tried so hard! By the end of the night he had ditched the feet, arms and was just wearing the head. These days Voltron lives up in the boy’s closet and the blazing sword comes out every now and then for awesome duels. And Q still talks about that costume. “Remember mom, when you made Voltron? That was so cool. “Needless to say that year, we did not go as a family costume. Q was Voltron, my youngest was a ghost, my husband was a ghoul and I was an exhausted mom from spending weeks making a costume.