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Coolest Pokemon Group Halloween Costumes

The Pokemon family costumes found on this site were the inspiration for our 3. I didn’t realize how hard it was going to be, with my basic sewing skills.

I spent a lot on fleece, hot glue sticks, foam, stuffing, and elastic. I bought extra in case I made mistakes. Grand total, I bet I have 200 and some change into this! Yikes.

For Lucario, I pretty much copied the instructions that I got from the site, but that only got me so far. I laid out the kids clothes over the fleece for templates, then used my imagination. I did use the bike helmet, but not hangers, I bought floral wire and twisted it together to make it strong. Then heated up the ends and jammed them into the helmet.
I couldn’t figure out how she did the pants, so I sewed the big blue hips over a pair of his shorts, and then sewed black fleece legs onto the bottoms of the shorts. I filled the blue hips full of stuffing. I never did get to the tail, feet or gloves.

Mew was for my daughter who is 3. The head was the easiest part. Freehand drew the shape, sewed it, cut the foam, jammed it inside, free handed the rest, and hot glued it together. I loved it. The pants, again I sewed fleece over a pair of her pajama pants and filled it with stuffing. Sewed on the tail. The shirt, I laid one of her shirts over the pink fleece and cut it bigger, and made the hands all one piece with the sleeves. This worked great for the cold weather.

Palkia, oh Palkia, he was the one that took the longest and has the most detail. I didn’t have one to copy, so I thought after making the first two, I would gain some magical ability to create Pokemon costumes. I didn’t work out that way, it was very interesting! His was just a body suit, made by laying his clothes onto the pink fleece sideways and using a lot of brain power to try to figure out how to put this together. I made sleeves separately. I had to come up with a way to make legs, so I sewed a piece of blue fleece in there, for contrast. I cut the huge tail in with the body suit and filled it with foam. The head was a piece of foam hot glued into a cone shape, I sewed the head fleece and wrapped it around the foam head, having the “wings” that come off the back of Palkia’s head, drape off the back of the mask.

Well, they loved them. They play Pokemon around the house a lot with them. Everyone says Palkia is their favorite, but the other two hold a close second.

I credit the woman that made the ones I copied, she is simply amazing! Thanks for the inspiration!

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  1. Hi Jessie –
    Judy sent a link to your costumes. Boy are they awesome! You have an incredible talent! Bet the kids loved them!
    Cousin Julie


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