I made my 6 year old son a Haunter Pokemon costume out of 1-inch craft foam glued together and carved. In addition, I also carved and cut out the eyes and mouth.Then I covered the costume in quilt batting and painted it. The eyes glow by using floral LED lights behind a 1/2 inch piece of foam. The hands are just foam covered in batting and attached to black mittens by glue and tacked with thread. He was able to see out of the mouth and had pretty good visibility.  It was lightweight but since it was a warm night it was hot. So I would probably put some sort of liner in it if I were to do it again.

What I may also try if I were to do this again would be to actually fabric dye the batting rather than spray paint it because of the concern for fumes. Fortunately I had time to let it hang outside to air out. We had quite a few people recognize him instantly and my son enjoyed scaring some people just acting as the character himself. We also had people want to touch it as he was walking past and the costume held up amazingly well. He unfortunately didn’t win any contests with it because the one contest we entered him in screwed up the time and he didn’t compete, but we had multiple people tell us it was the best of the night!

Haunter Pokemon Costume Materials

  • 1-inch craft form 16×16, glued together for the initial carving with hot glue. I used 16 sheets.
  • Foam also used for horns, hands, and eyes.
  • Quilt batting. one small bag of low loft batting was plenty for this project.
  • Purple paint. I used spray paint
  • Floral LED lighting
  • Hot glue
  • Black paint for eyes
  • Pink tulle for mouth
  • Black long sleeve shirt and pants, and black gloves.

This was by far my favorite costume to craft for my son, and it overall was pretty simple and fun to make.  Pictures really don’t do it justice. Honestly the hardest part was keeping it stable to attach the horns to look like the reference character, as this was constructed at my kitchen table.

I then quickly constructed a Pikachu and Ash costume for me and my husband for trick or treating, and painted a pumpkin bucket like a pokeball.