Coolest Homemade Marvin the Martian Costume

Homemade Marvin the Martian Costume

I chose Marvin the Martian for the challenge! To get the proportions correct, I needed a really big helmet/head and really big shoes. I started off with the helmet/head. I used a large (3’) round balloon as the starting point and paper mached it with several layers. Then I added poster board for the side … Read more

Coolest KFC Costume

Homemade KFC Costume

I needed something I could fix up quick and rather original so went for the KFC Costume. Everyone loved it and couldn’t believe how cheap it was put together. Head- Grey Hair Spray for hair and beard. Stick on beard and Harry Potter style glasses. White shirt and white trousers. some black ribbon for round … Read more

Coolest The Maitlands from Beetlejuice Costume

The Maitlands from Beetlejuice Costume

For years my girlfriend Libby has wanted to do a couples costume. Now she loves two things; Halloween and Gina Davis, so what came to mind? Adam and Barbara Maitland from Beetlejuice of course! I am no stranger to making costumes, and have created The Fly, a full size LEGO Man and two Rock ‘Em … Read more

Coolest Vivian and Edward from Pretty Woman Couple Costume

Homemade Vivian and Edward from Pretty Woman Couple Costume

Pretty Woman is my favorite movie of all times and I have wanted to be Vivian for Halloween for years. I finally decided to make the costume this year. I purchased the white tank and Red jacket at a consignment store, and the material for the skirt, ring, and boot pleather at a fabric store. … Read more

Coolest Pippy Longstockings Costume

Homemade Pippy Longstockings Costume

Here’s my Homemade Pippy Longstockings Costume! I got everything at SAVERS for under 15 bucks. I got the pig tails to stick up using a coat hanger. I bent it in the shape of a headband, and then braided my hair around the wire on each side.

Coolest Deadliest Catch aka Crab Man Costume

Homemade Deadliest Catch aka Crab Man Costume

I came up with this idea for a Homemade Deadliest Catch aka Crab Man Costume while eating Pringles. It was made using 100% recycled materials. The arms are made with 8 Pringle cans joined by 8 bungee cords and 4 tennis balls. I drilled a hole in the metal bottoms and indented the cans where … Read more

Coolest Lion in Cage Costume

Homemade Lion in Cage Costume

Grrr. There is a very scary lion in this cage! Do not feed! Lion will attack! This costume was for Zoo Day at my school. Materials: BIG cardboard box Tubes that are used on large paper rolls (talk to any store that carried large paper rolls) Orange boa Orange, black, and yellow paint Ivy Computer … Read more

Coolest Homemade Roy Lichtenstein Comic Girl Costume

Homemade Roy Lichtenstein Comic Girl Costume

This is a picture of the woman in the Roy Lichtenstein painting as an actual comic book character. For this homemade Roy Lichtenstein comic girl costume I purchased a yellow wig and painted black lines in it. I also purchased white stockings and painted polka dots on it. The earrings I made out of cellophane … Read more

Coolest Day of the Dead Couple Costume

Homemade Day of the Dead Couple Costume

Write-up: Since moving 550 miles away from our home last year, we’ve decided to start to learn more about new cultures. Recently, I learned about the Mexican culture and especially the holiday celebrated, Dia De Los Muertos, Day of the Dead. I found pictures of the “sugar skull” online and was intrigued by how elaborate … Read more

Coolest Monster Carrying Baby Costume

Monster Carrying Baby Costume

I spent time contemplating on what I was going to be this year, then it hit me! I was originally going to be just a simple headless teen, then I had a great idea for a monster carrying baby costume. I decided to attach a monster mask to the top. Then I got a baby … Read more

Coolest Homemade Astronaut Costumes

Homemade Astronaut Costumes

My four friends and I were astronauts this year… not sexy, slutty astronauts, but AWESOME astronauts. We made our own Homemade Astronaut Costumes. We made our helmets out of trash can lids and purchased plumber coveralls online for our body suit. The costumes cost approximately $35 each and took about five hours for one of … Read more

Coolest Cactus Homemade Costume

Homemade  Cactus Costume

This costume was for Western Day at my school. I knew right away that I wanted to be a cactus, but figuring out how to do it was more difficult. In the end I came up with a very easy way to make this costume. Materials: Cardboard Bubble Wrap Toothpicks Green paper Double Sided Sticky … Read more

Awesome Homemade Sexy Peacock Costume

Peacock Costume

I decided to make my own peacock costume after searching through all the ones for women on the internet that look identical. I ordered tons of genuine peacock feathers online, and started my costume. I sewed a bodice to which I hot glued the feathers to. Then I utilized the long feathers for the back … Read more

Coolest Bobbits Couple Costume

Homemade Bobbits Couple Costume

The Homemade Bobbits Couple Costume (John & Lorena). We have a costume Halloween party every year and we wanted something nobody else would think of. One day the vision of this costume came to me so I put it into reality. It was so easy to throw together too. For John’s costume: hubby just wore … Read more