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Not-so-Scary Woman’s Scarecrow Costume

Halloween is by-far my favorite holiday and each year I start brainstorming my costume months in advance (with the caveat that the costume MUST include some form of face paint). This year, my inspiration came from a popular picture on Pinterest showing makeup for a girly scarecrow. I loved the makeup and decided this would be my costume. Although I am in college, my goal is never to look sexy for Halloween as many girls of my age strive to do. My goal was to look cozy and cute and definitely not a scary scarecrow. I found the paisley red shirt at a local thrift store, borrowed the denim jumper from a friend, used my own boots, and bought the red tights from Wal-Mart. I found the straw hat at a Halloween store for $3.99 and the “straw” from which I made my hair and other accents was a hula skirt (meant for a costume) that I cut up and duct-taped on (very clever, if I do say so myself). Lastly, I made the sunflowers from paper, because what scarecrow is complete without a sunflower?!

On Halloween, I volunteered at a local elementary school for a free Halloween festival, where costumes were encouraged for the volunteers (yay!). I was in a bit of a time-crunch when doing my makeup, which was not as easy as I expected! I used liquid eyeliner to make the long eyelashes and orange lipstick for the cheeks and nose. The liquid eyeliner was not super easy to use and by the time I was done, I felt as if it looked like I was crying black tears. The children were going to be terrified. Turned out, they loved my scarecrow costume! When I got to the school, a group of preschoolers came out of their room and I just heard the slightest whispers of “Look at that scarecrow… is that a real scarecrow?” I went to talk to them, assuring them I was just a girl in a costume, but they continued to stare, amazed at my straw hair. One little girl asked me to take my hat off, and, because kids say the darndest things, she ended the conversation with “Are you naked under there?!” Needless to say, it was a great time.

Throughout the day and during the night at parties, everyone loved my costume. One person said I “really committed” and another asked to take a picture with me because I was “so darn cute!” It was an excellent Halloween and one of my favorite costumes to date! Can’t wait to top it next Halloween!

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