Sure to Impress Werewolf Costume with No Wigs or Uncomfortable Clothing!

This was a last minute idea as I procrastinated and the parties snuck up on me! It got me first place at party #1 of the season. I first applied a liquid to powder cover up that was a few shades darker than my skin color (not necessary but helps to ‘disguise’ yourself more). Then I used Spirit Gum to apply craft hair to the face, neck, top of feet, and outside of hands; put gum on a small area and apply hair then move on to next small area. Brown eyeliner on the lips and nose, werewolf teeth, and press on black costume nails. I had to call the neighbor over because I have a ton of hair and we ratted the heck out of it. Add a bandana, a flannel shirt, and pair of jeans and voila!!

Items I used/bought for the Werewolf Costume:

  • Jeans from my closet $0
  • Flannel shirt from Goodwill $3.99
  • Tank top from my closet $0
  • Bandana from my personal collection $0
  • Fabric hair from Jo Ann Fabrics $4
  • Spirit Gum from Party City (2 bottles) $7
  • Teeth and Nails from Party City $8

Be prepared to use lots of hairspray, have people touching your face (and possibly your chest if they are daring dumb enough to do so), and getting TONS of compliments!!!

By far my favorite costume I have done, can’t wait to wear it again!  Woohoo!!  Good luck!!!!