Coolest Family Star Wars Costumes for Halloween

Idea for Star Wars Costumes for Halloween

After seeing the movie “The Force Awakens” my older daughter knew she wanted to dress up as Rey. So, we all decided to go with Star Wars costumes for Halloween!

Making the Princess Leia Costume

I made Leia’s robe by first making a loose pattern on an old sheet. I made it extra long and wide so that it would be flowy when I belted it. To adhere it together, I used fabric tape so it was no-sew! I already had the white belt at home.

Leia’s blaster is a dollar store water gun with a piece of pvc pipe glued to it. I then spray painted the whole thing black. To complete the look, I wore white shorts and t-shirt under and black boots.

Constructing the Costume for Obi-Wan Kenobe

I found Obi-Wan Kenobe’s robe in a thrift shop and then dyed it brown. I made the light sabers from dollar store flashlights using a tutorial from Instructables – they actually light up! For his actual clothing, Obi-Wan wore tan scrubs and his own boots under his robe.

Putting Yoda’s Look Together

I started with Yoda’s robe which was another thrift store bathrobe. I made her hat from felt and used batting to make the ears stand out. She wore brown shorts and a brown t-shirt and her own boots.

Rey’s Costume – the Easiest One!

Rey’s costume was easy to create. She wore olive capri pants, a cream colored tank top, and boots. I used two strips of fabric and some brown ribbon for her tunic. Her staff is a piece of pvc pipe with various plumbing fittings glued to it for thickness. It was then all spray painted black. In addition, I also painted a bucket to look like BB-8 for her candy bucket.

star wars costumes for halloween

star wars costumes for halloween

star wars costumes for halloween

star wars costumes for halloween

star wars costumes for halloween

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