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Spooky Zombie Bride Halloween Costume

Each year there is a zombie walk done in Columbia, SC in October. This year I wanted to punch things up a bit with a spooky Zombie Bride Halloween costume. So I bought a plain white dress from a thrift store. The dress almost reached the ground and was very bridal. But to add a touch more realism, I added white fabric to the bottom so it would almost graze the floor. I used an old torn up white sheet for the extra fabric.

Next, it was time to bloody things up. I used food coloring to do this. It soaked into the fabric and became part of the material as opposed to acrylic paint which would dry and then be stiff. I used acrylic paint to bloody up the veil (which I bought at a craft store for half price…only paid $7) and to bloody up my plain white flats (which I bought on clearance for $3.50). My bouquet was made from five flower stems which I bought at a discount store. I used both food coloring and acrylic paint to ruin those. I already had the necklace from a previous costume. I bought the fake blood for my face and chest from a discount store for $2 a tube.

This costume was a lot of fun. I got several scary looks during the walk and several people even stopped me for pictures. It was a lot of fun to make and to wear!

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