Coolest Homemade Sonic Costume

Here’s the story of how our Sonic costume came to life…

S So what do you want to make for your book week costume this year my boy? The new Sonic movie had just been released and as you could imagine my son was hooked. The little blue guy caught my sons’ heart and we were off to creating a Sonic costume. Using an old foam mattress and a hot wire cutter that I pieced together from an old desk and shelving unit, the little guy started to take shape.

O Oh my gosh, you look amazing… was just the start of the reactions that were given when the Sonic costume was finished. I was so proud to see my boy dressed in his costume and loving it. Unfortunately as soon as he went to show it off in the playground the inevitable happened, they couldn’t help themselves that cute “little” nose just had to be played with. Let’s just say the glue came out pretty quickly that morning for repairs.

N No, I can’t believe the hardest part about this Sonic costume was the nose. I thought maybe getting the hair and head cut to the right shape was going to be difficult. Not so much, it took 3 attempts to get the nose right. Tip: Don’t try and use thick leather when making a nose. Felt is a lot more user friendly it lighter and bends easier.

I Insane that’s all I can say what was I thinking?… I thought making fairy wings with LED lights was hard this was a whole new level.

C Classic, Sonic will never get old. Since 1991 he has been one of the most loved characters in the animated industry. He was originally designed as a mascot for Sega to compete with Mario from Nintendo and he is still capturing kids hearts today. “Gotta go Fast”…

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