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Coolest Child’s Sonic The Hedgehog Costume

This year has been what I call the “Year of the Hedgehog” for my 5 year old. His birthday theme- Sonic, his bedclothes- Sonic, video games- Sonic. So it came as no surprise when his choice for Halloween was, yup- Sonic.

To do this costume would be tricky seeing as no one sold Sonic in their stores for some time now. And someone on Ebay was selling their rendition for over $159.00. So I figured- I might as well try my hand at a Homemade Child’s Sonic The Hedgehog Costume this year and if it doesn’t work, never speak of this experience again!

I started with a basic pattern. I needed something with a hood. So I went after an easy Sewing Pattern “Kwik pattern” that featured a dog, cat, bunny and pumpkin on their cover. (I might want to point out, it wasn’t easy finding a kwik brand patter. So any other patter will do).

After outlining the small and x small pattern for my children (his younger brother was Tails, Sonic’s best bud) and sewed what was needed in his costume. I replaced the cat tail with Sonic’s small hedgehog tail, and placed 6 spikes on his head (filled with cotton) while 2 side by side spikes on his upper back.

After all this, I simply added white cuffs to help with Sonic’s white gloves look. And white cuffs for the bottom. I cut out Sonic’s belly, but instead of sewing it to my son’s costume I only sewed on one side of it. This way we would hide the blue zipper underneath it, while gluing and sewing Velcro to the other side (and to the inside of the belly) so that it will stick in place during the trick or treating part of the night.

I did have to make a lot of tweeks to this particular costume. First thing, I didn’t have a sewing machine so I actually had to sew this all by hand. I recommend, if you have to do this to buy the instant sewing glue and glue it AFTER you make your stitching. Just to help the stitches stay in place better.

I had to fix Sonic’s arms. The Pattern I bought didn’t have shoulders- it looked more like bedclothes vs shoulders and sleeves. So I had to make Sonic shoulders because his arms triangled into his neck (which didn’t look good at all).

The Homemade Child’s Sonic The Hedgehog Costume was a huge success. A lot of mother’s asked me how I did this at our class Halloween Party because their children wanted to be Sonic and no one knew where to find a costume like this. I think I scared them away from making it when I told them I hand sewed it all (If I continue to make costumes- I’m buying a machine next time around).

Homemade Child's Sonic The Hedgehog Costume

Homemade Child's Sonic The Hedgehog Costume

Homemade Child's Sonic The Hedgehog Costume

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