My 3 year old son started watching Hocus Pocus early in October and it quickly became a favorite. He would request to watch it by saying “Poca.” By the end of October he was tired of watching Poca though! Anyway I have always really liked the movie and kinda wanted to dress up like one of the sisters. So I asked my son which witch was his favorite and he pointed to Sarah! I ended up having most of the costume in my closet!

I wore a pink form fitting dress for the corset top. The skirt was a maroon hi-lo skirt with a purple scarf around my waist and tucked in at the sides to create Sarah’s layered look. For the attached draw string bag she wears around her waist, I looped the strap of a gold wristlet through the purple scarf. My sleeves were red fishnet thigh highs with holes cut out for my fingers. I also wore red fishnet hose under my skirt and pink hidden heel Sketchers since I do not own black boots.

My blonde wig was from a previous Halloween costume! In tribute to the funny scene where Sarah eats a spider I wore a Halloween spider necklace. I also wore a Halloween ring on the finger (she wore a purple ring on in the film). Finally I bought purple fabric which I just tied around my neck for the cape! So all I had to buy were two pairs of hose and purple fabric!

Simple, fun and people recognized me! I just had to get a cosmo since I was a Sarah Jessica Parker character! :)