As I created my Quorra costume, I discovered many things. One such discovery was the fact that when working with electric light tape you can shock yourself rather easily. I began by searching every store in my town for pleather. I found out that pleather is apparently scarce in Texas. Eventually I ordered some pleather clothing that I repurposed into leggings and a top. While ordering my pleather I tracked down a pair of wedged black boots, but finding the pleather turned out to be the easy part.

After repurposing the clothing I had to prep for adding the electric light tape. I dawned my pleather outfit and used chalk to trace the shaped I needed the lights to follow while staring into a long mirror to make sure that all my angles (of light) were correctly aligned. Then I removed my outfit and began using lingerie tape to adhere the electric light tape to the pleather. I cut small incisions into the pleather and laced the wires under the fabric lining. After all the lights were on I had to use splicers to connect all the wires (of the lights) to the battery pack which I attached to the inside of the top. I used the same method to attach the lights to my pants, except I attached that battery pack to the waist line of the pants. To work on my boots I put them on and once again used lingerie tape to attach my lighting. Instead of cutting the boots I used thin strips of black duct tape to cover the wires and lead them to the top back portion of each boot, which was where I hid my battery pack.

I have to admit that attaching the wires and splicers to my battery packs was quite a challenge, particularly on the top. I quickly discovered that you can never have enough splicers. The first time I wired the top, my wires were not long enough. The result was when I put the top on, I could not stand up straight; I looked like the hunchback of Tron. I had to re-wire the top and use more splicers, but after a second attempt I had lights and I was beginning to look like Quorra. For the finishing touches I grabbed my toy identity disc and put on some eyeliner and mascara.

While I did have some difficulties with the wiring, I still had a blast making my costume. As much fun as it was to make, I had even more fun showing it off. It was hilarious to watch people pointing at my costume while I was driving. It was dark by the time I went out, so my lights were shining bright enough to catch people’s eyes. When I finally got to my destination it was so rewarding to hear people say “oh you’re Quorra” or “You’re that girl from Tron!” I loved seeing people’s reactions to my costume.