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Glowing Quorra from Tron Costume (Orchestra Style)

This year I wanted to out do any costume I had ever tried in the past. Thanks to my engineer of a husband it was possible. It took us several weeks and lots of planning and editing of the original plans to make this work.

How it was made. Black base layers (top and bottom) with a vinal vest. The LEDs are on Velcro to make the lights removable. With elastic bands for the arms to hold the Velcro in place for the arms and legs. The wig was a cosplay wig with a hack job the bangs being cut; I am no hairstylist, but at least I tried.

Even though this is not pictured, the disk is made with insulating foam painted black with a clear acrylic sheet with LED s on the inside of the disk.

There is a backpack on the inside of the disk held a battery (which could power a motorcycle) and kept me glowing for many, many hours. I made the backpack from tubular webbing and Teflon. This ended up working very well to put the disk over the top.

The main reason for this costume is for the orchestra I perform in. It is our yearly tradition to put on this concert, which if you are in the Salt Lake area this is a concert that should not be missed. Several of the audience and orchestra members said my costume was their favorite even if they were slightly blinded by the brightness.

I think my favorite part was walking back to my car. Not only was I seen for quite a distance away, but lots of happy honks with complements on both the concert and my costume. So Fun!

Glowing Quorra from Tron Costume (Orchestra Style)

Glowing Quorra from Tron Costume (Orchestra Style)

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