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Simple Woman’s Tron-Inspired Costume

I knew for weeks I wanted to dress up like Quorra from the movie Tron Legacy but couldn’t figure out how to pull it off effectively. I wanted originality, sexy but work appropriate- not something out of a package, so I started by searching on Coolest Homemade Costumes. After reading reviews online I decided to combine a few of the ideas & ultimately came up with the coolest costume at all my parties (OK maybe I’m a tad biased).

All it took was some black pleather paneled leggings and a black pleather peplum top from Forever 21 totaling ($44), a cropped black wig ($47), black leather knee-high boots (already owned), black gloves ($7), blue glow necklace ($1) & some blue reflective tape I ordered online ($15).

All you do is cut strips of the reflective tape and place on the top and bottoms similar to the actress as well as the gloves. I didn’t want to ruin the top by gluing the glow necklace (memory disk) so I attached it to my black wristlet I carried! It was super easy and looked awesome! No one had my costume and everyone wanted to take a picture with me.

The results speak for themselves! And I can wear the clothes again. Score!


Simple Woman's Tron-Inspired Costume

Simple Woman's Tron-Inspired Costume

Simple Woman's Tron-Inspired Costume

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