This is my costume I made for the 2011 Halloween season. I saw a lot of movies this year and wanted to do something that hasn’t really been done. As my ideas started flowing I just said whatever comes to mind I will just do it. My first instinct was TRON. This is a sequel from Disney and was amazing. So I started to think what will be different about my tron that sets me apart from all the other tron builders.

Then it hit me…a light cycle!. I searched the web for some inspiration with not a lot of luck. There was a ton of movie pics but no cycle costumes. I found these guys in California that build replica cycles, gas and electric. Only problem is I would have to shell out $55,000.00 to get my hands on one… definitely out of my price range. Building my own bike was the only option. So some PVC pipes, tape, garbage cans and an electric mini bike later and here we are!