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Coolest Homemade Tron Legacy Costume

I have always been fascinated by the Tron films as a child and I finally took the next step devoting my love for the films and love for Halloween into making this homemade Tron Legacy costume. And so the planning began… I needed something to be proud of, something well thought-out and would shine in the dark streets of NYC.

Like any design, executing what is in your mind is far different from what you can do in the real world. Luckily, my planning was good enough to do just that.

Using el wire that was limited to 10 feet per battery pack, I use my body measurements to plan out the entire suit. And you can see the results in the pictures.

Finally, after 10 hours of sewing and gluing over a period of 3 days (the el wire was delayed in shipping), I completed my costume. I couldn’t walk around the streets of the city for more than 10 feet without being stopped for photos and nothing could come close to a person noticing there was a glow blue Tron standing next to them in the club I went to Halloween night.

I am very proud of this homemade Tron Legacy costume and it was nice to see all of that hard work pay-off.

Thanks for reading!

Homemade Tron Legacy Costume

Homemade Tron Legacy Costume

Homemade Tron Legacy Costume

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