A HULK of a Homemade Costume!

A HULK of a Homemade Costume!

Hulk and the Avengers were always my favorite characters ever. I have seen those movies dozens of times and wanted to bring the energy from the big screen to life. I sat down at my kitchen table one night trying to come up with my next great costume idea and it hit me, what better … Read more

Coolest Armored Batman Costume

Coolest armored Batman costume

My costume is the armored Batman from the Batman versus Superman movie. My Love for Batman extends all the way into my childhood. Ever since a boy I wanted to become a superhero, fight crime and help others in need. Batman doesn’t have any superpowers but uses his extreme intellect and physical strength to outsmart … Read more

Cool Optimus Prime Halloween Costume

Optimus Prime Halloween Costume

I saw your site and loved it. I also wanted to be part of your costume contest. This year for 08, I custom made a costume of my own. ( keep in mind the only things not fabricated by me was the head $30 at Wal-mart and the stilts than I bought on eBay. Attached … Read more

Coolest Homemade Hulk Unique Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade Hulk Unique Halloween Costume Idea

This Homemade Hulk Unique Halloween Costume Idea I completed for 2010. It is made up of materials you can get at most stores. Such as Wal-mart, Home depot, Joanne Fabrics and so on. Some of the basic materials I used on this costume were, sheets of foam (for chair cushions), spray adhesive, spandex fabric, hot … Read more

Coolest Tron Light Cycle Costume

Coolest Tron Light Cycle Costume 8

This is my costume I made for the 2011 Halloween season. I saw a lot of movies this year and wanted to do something that hasn’t really been done. As my ideas started flowing I just said whatever comes to mind I will just do it. My first instinct was TRON. This is a sequel … Read more