Cool Optimus Prime Halloween Costume

I saw your site and loved it. I also wanted to be part of your costume contest. This year for 08, I custom made a costume of my own. ( keep in mind the only things not fabricated by me was the head $30 at Wal-mart and the stilts than I bought on eBay.

Attached are pics of my Optimus Prime Halloween costume along with some pics of it under construction as well as my work area and materials I used. For this costume I used about four basic materials Styrofoam, poster board, duct tape and paint, that’s about it. Oh yea, did I mention I made this from only watching the movie 3 times and a poster I got from Wal-mart.

Optimus Prime Costume

Optimus Prime Costume

Optimus Prime Costume

Optimus Prime Costume

Optimus Prime Costume

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  1. It wasn’t too hard to walk around, the whole costume only was about 35- 40 pounds and the stilts were drywall/construction ones with a fully flexible ankle joint.

  2. This is a cool sculpture, but it doesn’t look like a costume… The anatomy isn’t correct for someone to fit in it. But it still rocks!

  3. Look at ALL of my Optimus Prime pics before you call it just a sculpture. I designed it to be 8 1/2 foot tall with big dimensions.

  4. You might have put lot of time and effort in this costume with no doubt, but it looks like a sculpture. A Halloween costume should always show your personal facial features. Good job!!!

  5. It’s too bad you don’t have any pictures of getting into/putting on the costume, because I agree with the post above that I don’t see how a person could fit inside of this. (Yes, I know it’s supposed to be tall, but even for a person on stilts the dimensions don’t look right). Pictures of the actual construction process would have been nice too, not just a pile of foam and cardboard.

    Does it transform?

  6. That was a very good replica. I’ve done costumes since I was a little boy including Godzilla. I want to do an Optimus Prime costume and I wanted to know if you would be willing to help me out with some pointers to make mine successful too.

  7. I have my doubts too. What about the arms? It looks like they’re made out of solid foam rubber, not something you can put your arms inside. I’m not questions your build skills here because this is awesome – but don’t tell me you could actually put your arms in the “costume” arms.

  8. hello
    manufacture of this exceptional costume, felicitation, a man he can enter the costume or not, and yes, he is selling, well done great job ..

  9. Hello, I was wondering if you still had this costume and if so would you be willing to sell it?
    This is the best costume i have ever seen in my life.

  10. I still do have the costume, I am currently working on a version 2.0. I would like to make it for sale on the completion but its hard to find serious people. Also for the question about the (arms can’t fit in) and the (its too big for someone to fit in)the main picture is taken by me, the entire piece was designed as a stand alone display ( as you see in the picture) or as a costume you can wear ( like in the final pic). notice the holes just above the waist area on the sides, this is where my arms connect to its arms. it kind of works like a puppet, and yes people are right nobody is large enough to fit the torso the right way…thats why I designed it to 1 be big… close to 9 foot tall 2. be a display as well as a costume. 3 built in such a way to fit a 6 foot tall person and fit him in to a 9 foot robot with movement. I hope this answers any questions you had.

  11. This is awesome! You did an excellent job. Have you thought about doing presentations for kiddie parties. Would be great

  12. Great work. I’m doing an event where I will need 4 transformable Transformer costumes. If you have any youtube video of your transformable suits please send me the link to

    I am serious about it. If it’s you or not doing them i will still need them.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  13. that is the coolest costume ever but you should really see the bumblebee one that one had staring at the screen for a really long time

  14. I am currently also working on a Optimus costume. I was wondering how you got around the width problem with the chest/cab. Seems like no matter what Prime’s shoulders are just way to wide to have the arms be fully functional. Reading some others comments I see they are skeptical its a costume at all and not just a sculpture. I must say that your costume’s shoulder width appear to be too massive for our arms to operate them unless you had your elbow in his shoulder and operated the hands with some kind of mechanical extension. Id like to know. Anyways PRIME job on the project. Ill have mine finished soon.

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