This Homemade Hulk Unique Halloween Costume Idea I completed for 2010. It is made up of materials you can get at most stores. Such as Wal-mart, Home depot, Joanne Fabrics and so on. Some of the basic materials I used on this costume were, sheets of foam (for chair cushions), spray adhesive, spandex fabric, hot glue, spray paint, an electric knife( turkey carver). Also a couple of 2x4s I used to make the stilts which were about 12 inches tall. I used an old sandel with Velcro straps for the foot and inexpensive metal rods for the leg support.

The last and most important material was the 5 GAl. bucket of liquid latex, thanks This HULK is Eight foot tall and five feet wide but only weighs thirty pounds.

This project took 3 1/2 weeks working 6-8 hours a day. All in all the entire thing only cost about $300.00 not bad for the HULK. This just shows me that you can get great results for not a lot of money. I hope you enjoy it!